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Process before entering your home or business:
1.  Our technicians are certified and qualified in all areas to perform the best quality of service.

2.  Our technicians are uniformed, courtious and professional.

3.  We make sure our trucks and equipment are cleaned and presentable.

4.  We make sure we have all the proper equipment for the job.

5.  We give the customer a courtesy call before arriving at the residence.

6.  A cardboard box goes underneath our trucks as a precaution to protect your driveway.

7.  We lay down a door matt to wipe our shoes before entering your home.

8.  We wear shoe covers on our shoes to ensure that we do not track in any unwanted dirt, soils, etc.

9.  Corner guards are used to ensure that no damage is done to your walls or baseboards.

10.  A place matt is used for our bucket, tools and products to protect your floors.

11.  Door guards are used to keep all the inside elements in, and all the outside elements out.

12.  We have our own water in our trucks, as well as water softners, to ensure we have the best water to do the job correctly.

13.  Addressing your concerns, as well as ours, on the spot.  There are no hidden costs here at Wolf Brothers Cleaning & Restoration.  We will give you a great price, with quality work.